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You and I may not be getting any older. At least that's what we tell ourselves. But our kids sure are! Let's freeze this moment in time and turn it into art.


curly headMy portrait sessions are $250 for up to five people, and prints are ordered a la carte.

If you'd like my complete price and info list for family portraits, contact me and let's talk about your family portraits!

All my family portraits are done on location, whether it's a beach, a park, or even your back yard. The best locations are the ones that are special to your family. If you need suggestions, I'm happy to help.

I shoot portraits on film. Digital photography is fine for certain things, but people simply look better on film. I have my professional lab scan every negative digitally, thus giving me the best of both worlds.


Not many photographers actually guarantee their work. But I stand behind everything I do.

When you view your proofs, I want you to be wowed and amazed. I don't want you to be just content with them, or find them merely acceptable. I want you to have a strong and positive emotional response upon first seeing them. If you don't, we can either schedule a new portrait session and try again, or you can get your money back (your choice).