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I constantly hone my skills and try new techniques. Just ask my kids! My sons have modeled for me so much, they now demand payment.

About my work.

Matt HainesI started my photography career in 2007, and have been a full-time professional photographer since then. I initially started shooting portraits for families at my sons' preschool, and expanded my portrait business to the point that I was voted "Best Photographer in Ventura County" four times in newspaper readers' polls.

My portrait work with families and children has been great training for working with people in general. I've developed the skill of quickly making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. And I can quickly spot an emotional moment about to unfold, and catch it as it happens.

I've been published in magazines such as L.A. Parent and Zooey, and in early 2012 I won the prestigious "PDN International Top Knots" competition for one of my engagement photos.

As mentioned earlier, I shoot 100% film. Most photographers shoot digitally, because it's convenient and cheaper. I suppose it's a kind of security blanket as well, being able to shoot and re-shoot and watch the little screen until you finally get it right. I too used to shoot digitally for years, but I've gone back to film.

Film requires a deep knowledge of photography. I really have to know what I'm doing! (And I do.) Film gives you a gorgeous look that just cannot be duplicated by a digital cameras. This is so important to me as an artist, that I'm willing to do the extra work required to shoot film. Film images can look almost painterly with the right light. And skin tones look beautiful and require less retouching! So ask yourself, do you want to look all crunchy and murky, or do you want to look like you stepped out of a Renaissance painting?

About me.

I live in Ventura, California with my wife of eleven years and two boys, a dog, a cat, and some tropical fish that I'd love to find a home for (just the fish, not the rest of them). Before I switched to photography, I was in the music business: I used to record 'techno' albums and make electronic music. I play the drums for fun, I love reading and geocaching with my kids, and I make pancakes every Saturday morning for my family (unless I'm out of town for a wedding).


Photo credit: Desiree Durang.